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            The "Children's Wishes" Rehabilitation and Growth Camp for Children with Limb Dysfunctions in Huashan Hospital Donated by Star Energy (China) Co., Ltd. was Launched



            "Children's Wishes" Rehabilitation and Growth Camp for Children is a public welfare brand launched by Huashan Hospital in 2018 that integrates key and excellent departments such as Medicine Department, Orthopedics Department, and Neurosurgery Department at the hospital, to provide children with diversified services such as rehabilitation, psychological education and guidance, and guidance on self-care in daily life. It received a donation from Star Energy (China) Co., Ltd. in 2019, which was specially used for the social care project for the physical and psychological health of children with limb dysfunctions who are undergoing rehabilitation in Huashan Hospital and their parents, including healthy growth camp, free clinics, mutual assistance with rehabilitation equipment, and poverty assistance, through the Shanghai Children's Health Foundation.



            "Children's Wishes" Rehabilitation and Growth Camp for Children with Limb Dysfunctions, jointly organized by Huashan Hospital and Shanghai Children's Health Foundation, was officially launched on May 30, before the Children's Day. More than 40 children with obstetric and cerebral palsy and their relatives from Shanghai and surrounding cities gathered here to celebrate the Children's Day on June 1.

            On that day, Cao Kefan, a famous host in Shanghai, and Prof. Zhu Yulian, project leader and Deputy Director of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at Huashan Hospital, anchored the event together. Ma Xin, Vice President of Huashan Hospital, and Geng Daoying, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee of Huashan Hospital, introduced the growth camp, rehabilitation fund, and spasticity MDT at Huashan Hospital; Li Zhongyao, Chair of the Shanghai Children's Health Foundation, awarded certificates and medals to Hua Jing, Chairman of the caring enterprise Star Energy (China) Co., Ltd., and Huashan Hospital signed a donation contract with the Shanghai Children's Health Foundation. They were also present to witness the launching of the "Children's Wishes” Camp.


            This event was greatly praised by Xie Lijuan, Honorary Chair of the Shanghai Children's Health Foundation, who said: “I am delighted to see a new fund established for the rehabilitation of physically handicapped children. Thank you for your kindness to them. Star Energy (China) Co., Ltd. made an initial donation of RMB 300,000. I hope that it will be on the upswing, so that more profits will be invested in this fund. I also hope that more caring enterprises will join the project, and all sectors of society can carry forward the spirit of public welfare upheld by Huashan Hospital.”



            Hua Jing, Chairman of Star Energy (China) Co., Ltd., also advocated that everyone should offer small kindness to others in life, and they will feel happiness from mutual assistance and sharing. He promised that Star Energy (China) Co., Ltd. will donate one million yuan every year to give back to society, amid its efforts to pass on the positive energy in the society jointly with everyone. Star Energy looks forward to walking alongside with you on the road ahead!



            Outside the venue, experts from the spasticity MDT of Xinhua Hospital provided a free clinic for children patients, evaluated the children's physical condition, measured criteria for surgeries, and gave guidance and suggestions. In the future, the medical social workers in Huashan Hospital will keep broadening and deepening services together with the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine and the spasticity MDT, and pay sustained attention to the needs of such children and families through multi-level professional psychical, psychological, and social services, continue to play the role in integrating resources, and offer continuous companionship and care.

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