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            Huashan Hospital-Star Energy "Medical Care" Special Fund: One of Star Energy's Public Services


            On July 21, 2021, Star Energy’s application to the Shanghai Volunteer Service Public Welfare Foundation for establishing the Huashan Hospital-Star Energy “Medical Care” Special Fund was approved, and Star Energy established its first special fund. Remaining true to the concept of offering help and love, Star Energy made an initial investment of RMB 500,000, which was the first donation by the Huashan Hospital-Star Energy Special Fund and the second donation by Star Energy this year, mainly used for rehabilitation of paralyzed elderly people after stroke.

            After the official establishment of the special fund, Star Energy will ensure the reasonable, open and transparent application of every donation, maximize the social benefits of the special fund, and provide strong support for volunteer service projects and other public welfare activities in Shanghai. It is Star Energy's commitment to promote public welfare with sustained efforts, to care for society, and give back to society!

            In the whole wide world, everyone is of concern to Star Energy. This special fund not only allows Star Energy to make modest contribution to the society, but also calls on its partners to join Star Energy’s public welfare family and shoulder more social responsibilities together.

            Star Energy will never stop on the road of public service!

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