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            The Charity Project "Rehabilitation is a Ray of Sunshine" Studio Jointly Donated by Star Energy and Huashan Hospital Has Been Officially Put into Us


            Mencius once said, “extend your respect for your aged parents to all the aged, and extend your love for your own children to all children.” It means we should never forget other elderly people not related to us when supporting and respecting our elders, and never forget other children not related to us when educating our own children.

            On October 29, the New Era Civilization Practice Center of Huangpu District, jointly with Huashan Hospital affiliated with Fudan University and the New Era Civilization Practice Sub-center at Laoximen Street, launched the "Volunteers’ Gathering · Heart-benefiting Medical Services" project and unveiled the "Rehabilitation is a Ray of Sunshine" studio. With the studio as the lead, the project will comprehensively carry out ten volunteer service activities, including popular science lectures given by experts, medical and health consultation, exercise ability assessment, health management guidance, training provided by rehabilitation volunteer teams, health exercise teaching training, improvement of the functions of health huts, rehabilitation equipment usage guidance, self-management of the elderly with chronic diseases, as well as home environment assessment and renovation plan guidance for patients with motor dysfunctions. By fully utilizing the civilization practice center of Huangpu District, the project will promote a new model of "professional+platform” volunteer services for civilization practice, and effectively mobilize, connect, and integrate secondary medical units in the urban area, to make professional and high-quality medical and health volunteer services accessible to the communities, and professional, precise, and personalized volunteer health services available on people's doorstep, as its contribution to promoting people's life and health.

            During the event, Cai Weimin, Vice President of Shanghai Volunteer Association and Chair of Shanghai Volunteer Service Public Welfare Foundation, presented a donation certificate to Star Energy (China) Co., Ltd., a caring enterprise that had donated rehabilitation equipment to the "Rehabilitation is a Ray of Sunshine" studio. In the volunteer service part, medical volunteers from Huashan Hospital led and guided citizens to learn health ball exercises in an electric atmosphere. At the end, the leaders and guests present visited one service site of the "Rehabilitation is a Ray of Sunshine" studio - Smart Health Hut at Laoximen Street.

            For a long time, Star Energy’s staff have been caring for the vulnerable groups in society, with ongoing assistance in the surgery for children with congenital heart disease, the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy, the rehabilitation of blind elderly people, and the rehabilitation of stroke elderly people.

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